by Goram & Vincent

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released October 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Goram & Vincent Bristol, UK

singing Bristolian

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Track Name: The Well & The Mistress
Did I lure you to the well?
Did I push or watch as you fell?
Well if I take off on the road
Then I guess they'll never know

Is it true we used to meet?
I'd think on you while she was asleep.
Must my heart be ever tied
To the one that got away then died?
Track Name: Two Sailors Holding Hands
The First Sailor:

Back on dry land,
we've been sailing so long just to stand
without our legs buckling
is proving quite challenging.
Take my hand.

We sailed for the promise
of the greatest of riches in new lands,
but the first mate was a drunk
and the sextant cheap junk.
We lost the course we planned.

The Second Sailor:

And we've seen things that no others have seen,
but we dreamed while tossed in our bunks of the quay at Santander harbour,
where the great merchants' daughters we'd meet,
and dance until morning
then kiss as the dawn lights the East.
Track Name: Justin
He asked, 'how will you remember me?'
'Y'know, I think it'll be drunkenly
kicking cans at an angry sea'.
He sighed, 'that's not what I hoped you'd see'.

He said, 'I cultured a tragic air'
as the wind drew a dance from his hair
'but in the moments of laughter we share
the mask slips and true feeling are bare'.
Track Name: She's Leaving Blues
At the table with her faced pressed to the wood,
this time she's leaving me for good.
Moonlight sparkles in a puddle on the floor
do not recall what else I saw

But oh my God, I never thought there'd be so much blood
The girl of mine, she's leaving me this time

Dawn breaks as I hold her hand so cold
and I forgive the lies she told.
Seems so silly now how we'd fight every night
but it's too late to put that right.